Kilani Group started its activities in the distribution sector in 1986. Today, the Group is operating in the import,  wholesale and direct distribution . Through dedicated sales teams specialized by sector and a logistic network extended all over Tunisia, the group is specialized in pharmaceuticals, paramedical products, surgical equipment and accessories, reagents and laboratory robots, cosmetics, dermo-cosmetics as well as hygiene products.


Kilani Groupe operates in the pharmaceutical industry through the TERIAK and ADWYA laboratories, in dermocosmetics through PROTIS and in agri-food through IKEL.

The group has production sites in Tunisia and abroad, and innovates by continually investing in cutting-edge technology and research.


Kilani Group is a leader in retail sales in the beauty sector through a network of self-service outlets throughout Tunisia under its own brand. The Group then expanded into the retail of natural beauty and fashion through franchised brands.


KILANI Group also offers a range of complementary services to the medical industry, the distribution and the retail channels. One company is specialized in medical detailing , the management of proprietary and partner brands of drugs and the second company offers consulting in marketing and new project development, Marketing Activation, Shop and Space Layout and Communication.