Notre politique RH

• Talent Optimization

Our Human Resources policy seeks to ensure that the Group's employees are constantly evolving. It is based on men and women who are proud of their company and its values, enabling everyone to fulfill his potential within the group.

• Internal Promotion

The Group values talents, fosters professional development and internal mobility whenever possible. The Group does not hesitate to entrust important responsibilities to young talents.

• Internal Communication

It is an essential vector for the Group instilling and maintaining a sense of group belonging. Through its art and culture branch, the Group also organizes workshops and events that enable all employees of the various entities to share and exchange around common values.


The richness and diversification of Kilani Group's activities in the health and beauty sectors offer you many opportunities. Whether you are a scientist, a health technician, a manager, a computer scientist, a salesperson, a communicator or a designer, you can find fulfill your ambition among us.

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Join us

Join Kilani group if you dream of building a career while working in a welcoming and motivating corporate atmosphere centered on people relations.