Our core values


We are driven by a passion, the passion of life. A better life for everyone. Kilani Group has successfully passed on this passion to its subsidiaries and employees who endeavor every day to satisfy all their partners and customers by offering or proposing the best brands, products and services in the fields of health, beauty and well-being.


We adhere to the highest ethical standards. This ethics is that of well performed work and a product that meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Ethics that is also based on respect and a sense of responsibility towards our partners, our employees and our customers.


As our main ambition is to satisfy our partners and customers, we do our utmost to innovate through cutting-edge processes to bring out the best in all our fields of activity.


Excellence is our leitmotiv and is embodied through our shared vision with our employees and partners to deliver high quality products and reliable services that meet the requirements of our customers.

Our mission

Our mission

Providing well-being and better health to everyone through the development of our brands and those of our partners in drugs, medical devices, care, beauty, hygiene and well-being as well as through our support services for healthcare professionals.