In 2022, Nespresso entered the Tunisian market through a strategic partnership with the Kilani Group. Present in 83 countries, the brand is now globally recognized in the coffee universe, symbolizing refinement, passion, authenticity, and high-quality service.

To meet the needs of the Tunisian market, the Kilani Group has opened three Nespresso sales points, including two boutiques and one nano store, in addition to online sales.

The Kilani Group manages all distribution channels for Nespresso, handling both the sale and maintenance of coffee machines. In the professional segment (B2B), the group aims for collaboration with prestigious establishments such as luxury hotels, restaurants, and institutions. This partnership aims to promote Nespresso's professional range, including machines and coffee, by offering a solution tailored to the specific needs of these partners.

Machines à café placées


Machines à café placées



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