An alternative venue located at KILANI GROUP's main office, “La Boîte” main vocation is supporting contemporary creation in Tunisia, sensitizing the Group's employees to Contemporary Art, and familiarizing them with the creative process. Artists are invited to present their work at the vernissage or in workshops held in order to make their practice more accessible. During these moments of exchange, artists interact with the public that is either novice or unaccustomed to visiting art galleries and museums.

The support we provide to art and culture fields in Tunisia is not restricted to the walls of "La Boîte", but goes far beyond them. We sponsor events and participate in artistic and cultural activities.

Moreover, the concept of La Boîte is threefold: within the company, known as “La Boîte”, at university, “La Boîte Hors Les murs”, and in the regions, “La Boîte Hors-Tunis”.